Steve's PaleoGoods PaleoFig Bar

by: Steve's PaleoGoods


WHY WE LOVEProtein power without the powder! Gluten-free and grainless, they pack a whopping 16-20 grams of protein and taste homemade with no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. Nutritious and delicious, figs pair perfectly with coconut and raw nuts and seeds to make the Seasonal PaleoFig bar a gluten-free, grainless, healthy treat. Please keep PaleoFig bars refrigerated!

TIPS: Kickstart your day with a PaleoFig Bar and a cup of coffee or your favorite organic tea OR great post-workout instead of a protein drink. 

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Coconut, Raw Almonds, Coconut, Oil, Sea Salt, Figs, Honey, Pure Vanilla Extract.

NUTRITION FACTS:  See label image.

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