Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Mint

by: free2b


WHY WE LOVE: Mint is candy's crowd-pleaser. Sweet enough to charm the boldest of chocoholics and sassy enough to send them a shiver, it's in a class all its own. Our dark chocolate worked wonders for our Dark Chocolate Sun Cups so we decided that it would make a perfect partner for mint too. To our delight, everyone who tries our Dark Chocolate Mint Cups seems to agree. And as with all our products, our Dark Chocolate Mint Cup is a nut free chocolate candy made with delicious gluten free chocolate.

TIPS: Skip the ice cream and try these chocolatey treats frozen. Just pop a few overnight in the freezer, it makes the perfect dessert. Need a great nut-free snack for school or camp? These treats are perfect, save on a melty mess by freezing them the night before.

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate (*Cocoa Mass, Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, Organic Powdered Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice, Tapioca Starch), Organic Horchata Blended (Filtered Water, Organic Chufa Seed, Organic Lemon, Sea Salt), Organic Peppermint Oil (Sunflower Oil, Peppermint Oil), *Cocoa Butter, Water

NUTRITION FACTS: See label image.

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