Sunshine Protein 100% Plant-Based Protein Powder

by: Designer Protein


WHY WE LOVE: Sunshine Protein developed in sunny California reflects a Vegan Green, California clean commitment to healthy nutrition. Sunshine Protein Powder contains 100% plant proteins from peas, organic rice, sprouted broccoli and sprouted kale, combined with non-GMO vitamins, minerals and fiber. Certified gluten-free and kosher, and with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, it's a nutritious, all-in-one protein solution for shakes, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and baking

TIPS: Throw a scoop into your morning or post-workout smoothie for an added 16g of protein and only 100 calories. 

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Where to Purchase

ONLINE: *Use code “BestowSunshine" for 20% off all sunshine products. Valid until 6/1/16.

 IN STORE: The Vitamin Shoppe