Vitafive: Personalized Gummy Vitamin Pack

by: Vitafive


WHY WE LOVE: For around a $1 a day, vitafive offers personalized gummy vitamin packs sent directly to you every 4 weeks. You can either choose from pre-formulated health packs or create your own custom pack. No more going to the store to sift through the horse-sized vitamins, no more organizing your vitamins into your pill organizer, and no more cluttered vitamin jars filling up your kitchen counters. 

TIPS: Conveniently prepackaged into one pack per day, these vitamins are easy take with you to work, school and even on vacation. 

Supplement Information

SUPPLEMENT FACTS: See label image.

**Please note: Supplement facts for their pre-formulated Essential pack is shown here. You can also personalize your pack, which changes the supplement and ingredient information for your individual pack. For more information please visit

Where to Purchase

ONLINE: *Use bestowed50 for 50% off your first month