Wholly Guacamole 100 Cal Minis

by: Wholly Guacamole


WHY WE LOVE:  Loaded with deliciousness, Wholly Guacamole's classic guacamole dip is made with natural ingredients and is completely gluten free. Now they've given you an even easier way to get your hands on their yummy flavors with these handy dandy, little, portable Mini cups made from 100% hand scooped Haas avocados. This simply delicious guacamole is only 100 calories and easy to eat in the cup — peel it back a little for an easy squeeze, or peel the lid back all the way for delicious dipping.  

TIPS: Grab some cut-up peppers and a Wholly Guacamole Mini cup for a finite, mini snack-fiesta in your afternoon! 

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